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Dedicated to providing financial services and other forms of assistance to persons with disabilities

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures launched in 1998, offering music and arts & crafts lessons to 30 students. Today, 110 adults with mild to moderate disabilities are enrolled in eight arts education programs.


The idea for the program took root in the 1990s, when Lucille McCarthy, then a direct care worker at Community Living Corp., noticed a fascination with music among consumers. She began playing tapes to a small group and asked them to sing along.  "They were shy and sometimes frightened, but we persevered," recalls Lucille. "I decided to put on a show."


After a few performances, Lucille became convinced they should formalize the program, and Hidden Treasures debuted to rave reviews.  "Our students have an unlimited potential that needs to be tapped into. We all have hidden treasures. They just need to be nurtured."


Hidden Treasures classes are designed to enhance the quality of life for developmentally disabled people by nurturing creativity, self-expression and self-esteem.  Hidden Treasures offers classes in Arts & Crafts, Studio Art, Musical Drama, Modern Dance and Tap Dance.


Hidden Treasures is sponsored by the CLC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization located in Mt. Kisco, NY.  The Foundation is dedicated to providing financial services and other forms of assistance to individuals with persistent disabilities.


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