CLC Foundation, Inc.  (“CLCF”) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization first established in 1992 with the purpose of enhancing quality of life for the disabled.

CLCF began as a fundraising and development foundation to benefit Community Living Corporation, Inc. (“CLC”). CLC is a residential provider of supervised and supported housing for the disabled. Over time, CLCF’s mission quickly expanded to include programs and services for the greater disabled community.

POOLED TRUST – In 1996, CLCF became one of the first Non-Profit organizations in New York State to establish a Pooled Supplemental Needs Trust with the help of CLC. Initially, the CLC Pooled Trust provided Supplemental Needs Trust accounts for the residents of CLC. As demand for Supplemental Needs Trusts grew, the CLC Pooled Trust was opened up to the general public.

HIDDEN TREASURES – In 1997 CLCF founded the Hidden Treasures program. Hidden Treasures provides instruction in studio and performing arts. The program was designed to foster creativity and self-expression among mild to moderately disabled adults. Today, hundreds of students of all ages have benefited from participating. A few years later, CLC established a choral group which performs all across Westchester County.

WINSLOW – In 2013, CLCF merged with the Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center. Winslow was originally founded in 1974. Click Here to Learn More About Winslow’s History As one agency, we have strengthened the therapeutic riding program and expanded the range of programs offered at Winslow which utilize the horse in therapy in education.